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What do you do with your guinea pig when you go on vacation?

I'm leaving for 2 weeks to go out of town on a long car trip. obviously I can't leave my 3 guinea pigs at home, and I don't know anyone who could watch them for me. Would a kennel be able to house guinea pigs for 2 weeks, and would it be expensive, or would it be better for me to just get a pet carrier and bring them with me, and then set up their cage at the place I'll be staying at?

I don't think a kennel would take guinea pigs, you might ask a vt who might make special arrangements, but bringing the guinea pigs along sounds like a good idea. they are usually quite quiet :)

You could try a pet sitter, they come to your house. I'm not sure how much they cost. Probably a kennel would watch them, I wouldn't think it would be too much, since the most expensive kennel I've ever used charges $14/day for cats. Quakertown is really expensive but it's the best and worth every penny.

I don't recommend taking them with you since you will be traveling during the hottest part of the year. Leaving them in a car even for a short time could kill them. unless you can find an underground parking garage.

pay your friend to babysit your pet.

You could buy a large snake and ….naw just kidding.When I worked for a local petshop we had that service.An employee would take them home for a fee.Guinea pigs quiet???surely you jess?? LOL! not even.Depends on the area,another option is a summer school or day care where they can be seen by little kids.Let them get the "use" out of them whilst you are about someone you trust to come over and water and feed them while you are away?Neighbor kid that would take them for 2 weeks?little girl next door?lol?I used to have them as well as rabbits.they make a larger hopper extension and extra waterers are available too.if you separated theminto 1 per cage that would more than last the 2 weeks.However,I wouldn't want to clean the cages when you got home.whew especially in a locked up house!!!!!!WOW!!!That would be the ones I could come up with other than maybe a rescue place might do it for 2 weeks.

Get a pet setter. some vets board them but a lot of piggies don't take change like that very well. they get depressed and won't eat, and die within a few days. I've had that happen a couple of times by adopted piggies.

I have feeders and water bottles where I can leave mine for a couple of days, but never any longer..

Piggies have to be checked every day to keep them healthy. Mine are almost 7 years old. The web below is an excellent web.

I have four pet rats, and when my family and I go on vacation for more then 4 days (i know that i can set them up and them be fine for that amount of days). I have them boarded at one of the local vets offices here in town! just gotta call around and see if anyone wouldbe willing to board them

Obviously, if you loved the animals, you would buy a pet carrier, and take them with you. obviously, leaving them in someone's care would end up becoming fairly expensive.

Like the previous answers, you could try a vet clinic. However, I know our local pet store will "Board" small animals such as ferrets and birds. you could call around to some pet shops and see if they provide boarding for rodents and birds. they would probably be cheaper than a vet and more experienced with guinee pigs.

What to Do on Vacations:

When you go on vacations without your guinea pig be sure your guinea pig has plenty of water, food, hay, and a clean cage. Make sure your guinea pig's cage is closed before you leave. if you go on a long vacation without your guinea pig you should ask someone to watch your guinea pig until you get back. When you take your guinea pig with you on a trip make sure you check with the hotel owner about bringing your guinea pig inside. if you do bring your guinea pig with you on a vacation, use a traveling cage from a pet store. Don't let your guinea pig be in too much sunlight.

OR if you can't/don't want to bring you guinea pig along you could:

you could send guinea pig to boarding school -BAD!!

Or leave it with a friednd or someone you know who is an expert on guinea pigs or has them. It doesn't matter if you don't have anyone who knows much on Guinea Pigs.

Give them:

Guinea pigs' food


Checklist of what they need to do each day, week, or even months.

Contact of Vet and address.

Hope it helps!

What do you do with your guinea pig when you go on vacation?

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