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Invention Timeline – Anders Celsius, Swedish Astronomer; Introduced the Centigrade or Celsius Thermometer in 1742

b. November 27, 1701 and d. April 25, 1744

Swedish astronomer. In 1736 he was selected by the French government to assist in the measurement of the length of a degree in Lapland. He introduced in about 1742 the Centigrade or Celsius thermometer.

I can is a hero, the first in the field;
Tho’ others may falter he never will yield;
He makes the long marches, he strikes the last blow,
His charges is the whirlwind that scatters the foe.
How grandly and nobly he stands to his trust!
When roused at the call of a cause that is just!
He weds his strong will to the valor of youth,
And writes on his banner the watchword of truth.

—I Can and I Can’t: Macaulay

Macaulay 760—Astronomy and geography were cultivated by the Arabs.

1620—Cornelius Drebbel invented the alcohol thermometer.

1720—Gabriel D. Fahrenheit invented his thermometer.

1731—The pyrometer was invented by Musschenbroeck.

1835, March 12—Simon Newcomb was born. In 1861 he was professor of mathematics in the United States Navy and assigned to the United States Navy Observatory in Washington. He purchased the 26-inch equatorial telescope, supervised its erection, and planned the tower and dome in which it is mounted. He has written many memoirs and text books on mathematical and astronomical subjects.

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