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Invention Timeline – Emile Lamm, French Inventor; Devised a Process for the Manufacture of Sponge Gold Now Largely Used by Dentists

b.November 24, 1834 and d. July 12, 1873

French inventor. In 1869 he devised an ammoniacal fireless engine for the propulsion of street cars. The motor has not been adopted in the United States but in France and Germany it is extensively used for street cars and vehicles. He patented another fireless engine in 1872 which is now in practical use; also a process for the manufacture of sponge gold, which product is used largely by dentists throughout the United States.

 The spirit of Palsey’s maxim, that “he alone
 discovers who proves,” is applicable to the history
 of inventions and discoveries; for certainly he
 alone invents to any good purpose who satisfies the
 world that the means he may have devised have been
 found competent to the end proposed.

 —Dr. Samuel Brown

 1791—John Barber patented his gas engine, using hydro-carbon gas.

 1794—Robert Street patented his explosive engine, using turpentine.

 1803—Sir George Cayley invented the first known air engine; in 1807 a hot-air engine.

 1825—Mr. Brown, of London, patented his pneumatic or gas-vacuum engine.

 1833—Ericsson obtained a patent for his caloric engine, and a subsequent patent for improvements was taken out in 1851 and another in 1856.

 1868, October—John Ericsson announced a device for obtaining motive power by condensing rays of sun.

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