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September 16, 2014

Photos from Wichita’s city-to-city visit to Austin

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Phyllis Snodgrass, COO, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce; Bob Lander, president and CEO, Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau. Spoke in a session called “We are Open for Business” about creating and sending a unified message about the city.

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‘Exosuit’ Mission to 2,000-Year-Old Antikythera Shipwreck Begins

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A group of marine archaeologists kicked off a mission this week to explore an ancient shipwreck hundreds of feet below the Aegean Sea — not with a sub, but with a semi-robotic metal diving suit that looks likes a throwback to a James Bond movie.

Suicide Contagion: How the Media Can Help Fight It (Op-Ed)

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How media reports cover suicide actually leads to more suicides.

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